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Welcome to the Powell Labs Computer Repair center!

Welcome to Powell Labs, Your One Stop Tech Shop! Based out of Fremont, Michigan, we proudly service Fremont, Newaygo, Hesperia, Grant, Croton, White Cloud, Big Rapids, Muskegon and Grand Rapids. So, pretty much anywhere in West Michigan.

Powell Labs is fully equipped with the best tools and the most knowledgable technicians to perform all levels of computer repair. Whether it's virus removal, hard drive failure, or even RAM and processor upgrades, you can trust that Powell Labs will perform a timely, comprehensive repair of your computer, laptop, Apple iMac product, or server.

We use a top-secret formula to check your computers' memory, hard drives, and performance. It also checks for viruses, adware, trojans, and malware across your entire system using updated antivirus definitions from top security companies, such as Avast!, McAfee, and AVG. We even use code emulation to try and find new or unknown programs with malicious intentions.

We're here to help, from Start to Finish. See how:

  • Consult

    Not sure which way to go? We're only a email, a text message, or a phone call away.
    $0 - Free
  • Repair Service

    Big cracks or a dead LCD screen got your productivity down? Broken charging port, error messages, etc.
    $45 - Starting
    $75 - Wipe & Restore
    $80 - Soldering
  • Spill & Water Damage

    Your favorite drink is no match for our water damage repair service! Contact us today.
    $45 - Starting
    $50 - Data Recovery
    $95 - Reversal
  • Virus Removal

    Let us help you protect your device,whether it's already infected or pre-empitvely.
    $25 - Pre-emptive
    $45 - Standard Cleanout
    $65 - Full Cleanout
  • Remote & InPerson Support

    Oh no! Something's not working right, and you need support. Let us help.
    $35 - Starting


You're sure you need help, but not sure what direction you want to go. Call Powell Labs and let our experienced technicians help you navigate our Computer Repair services and find the best fit for your circumstance.

Repair Services

Once we know what you want us to do, we are fully capable and qualified to carry out all of the repairs you could need. You can trust Powell Labs to bring your computer back in a fast and affordable manor.

Spill & Water Damage

If you just spilled water on your device, immediatley unplug it and don't try to turn it back on or recharge it. We are experienced in cleaning corrosion, retracing circuits and restoring electronics from varying depths of lakes, ocens, and swimming pools.

Virus Removal

With the number of new computer viruses being made, and the increasing ammount of damage they are capable of, there's a decent chance that your computer already has some sort of virus on it, or could very easily come into contact with one soon.

You no longer need to be downloading illegal music, surfing questionable websites or clicking the "Elvis is not really dead" advertisements to get a virus, although avoiding them definitely helps. Viruses are now being transmitted through security vulnerabilities in everything from your office software, to your web browser, to your operating system and even to your Internet of Things devices, like Smart TVs, Smart Lightbulbs, and Smart Refridgerators.

Reach out to Powell Labs today to see if your device might be infected, and what you can to to prevent it.

Remote & InPerson Support

Need assistance in another way? Powell Labs can come to your home or office, or provide remote support. Get an instant travel quote by clicking on our In-Home Services link. Otherwise, we can remote in to your computer. An Internet connection is required to offer Internet support.

  • Apple

  • Asus

  • Dell

  • Alienware

  • HP

  • Lenovo

  • Acer

  • Microsoft

  • Samsung

  • Toshiba

  • MSI

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