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Powell Labs offers a incredible experience through our lightning-fast Fiber Optic Internet service. Our speeds are unlike anything you've ever seen, and can handle today's world of social media, very high definition streaming movies and high latency games, in addition to the normal stuff like email, web browsing and other everyday usage. Not only is our internet fast and reliable, but our prices blow everyone else's out of the water!

We're bringing high speed Internet to areas both rural and urban, regardless of demographics. Our service is growing, and we are working hard to expand our fiber reach this summer, all throughout Newaygo County.

The installation is $100, and covers the cost of the cable to install the fiber to your home or office. A wireless router is provided, and includes specialized software to help keep you safe and sound on your new high-speed network. Installation takes about an hour, and our speeds vary from 10MB/PS to 2,000MB/PS (2GB/PS) starting at just $20 a month!

So, what exactly can you expect from Powell Labs High Speed Wireless Broadband? Consistantly fast Internet with unlimited data, a monthly bill that isn't loaded with extra charges, and a 24/7 support line that is 100% local, right here in West Michigan.

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