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Marketing Strategy and Branding

Powell Labs offers the most intelligent marketing solutions available. Our certified techs can help you launch your first-ever website, create your Facebook page, or even help you manage your social media presence on Twitter.

While old school marketing methods, such as newspaper advertising, is still a good way to get the job done, a lot of options have opened up to advertise your business online. Popular sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more offer advertising campaigns for any customers, based on age, gender, location, ethnicity, language, interests and even more.

While these options are out there, few businesses, even marketers, have the capability to take full advantage of it. For example, a Coffee shop may find out it appeals to 3 different audiences. Instead of doing one promotional ad at everyone, why not use 3 that target the different groups?

Creating multi-audience ads is an ok approach sometimes, but sometimes, it doesn't cut it. Your Audience will usually only interact with your ad under certain circumstances, so the more specific, the better. Plus, it cuts costs and increases the campaign's effectiveness

Who do you Market for?

Powell Labs will help any company advertise their business, services, or products that meet a certain criteria. We want to keep our company and services family-friendly, so therefor, we kindly ask that you:

  • Not advertise hate speech
  • Not advertise any sexual content
  • Not advertise any false or misleading information

We will help businesses, both small and large, as well as individuals, politicians, and even schools. Everyone could use a little marketing magic from Powell Labs!

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